How many undershirts to bring on a trip?


Will you be traveling soon? Knowing exactly what to pack can be quite confusing because you don’t want to under-pack, nor do you want to over-pack. The balance can be quite difficult to achieve but once you have a good system going, it should be a piece of cake!

Undershirts are an essential part of any man’s wardrobe and you should definitely not fail to pack at least a few of these. Great quality undershirts can determine how comfortable you are wearing the clothes you have packed, in addition to making your outfit look more put together. Even though you will be traveling or going on a trip, do not, under any circumstances, compromise on the quality of the undershirts you pack. Your undershirts , when in transit, should be the same as when you are at home.

Once you have found a brand of undershirt that is comfortable, breathable and looks good when worn under your shirt, it is best to stick to this brand! Try and opt for 100% pure cotton undershirts which feel soft and gentle against your skin, especially when you have to deal with the very dry airplane cabin air.

Before you begin packing for your trip, do an assessment as to what clothing you will be wearing each day. This will determine the type of undershirts you should pack. For example, if a dress shirt will be part of your fashion repertoire during the trip, pack a crew neck undershirt if you know that you will be wearing a tie. However, if you like to leave one or two buttons undone when wearing a dress shirt, rather pack a v-neck undershirt which will not be visible over your shirt.

On a trip, conditions can be a little difficult because you are away from your familiar environment. This can affect your body as well and, depending on various factors such as the weather and stress levels, you may find yourself sweating more than usual. It is for this reason that it is vital that your undershirt is “smell resistant” (i.e.. breathable) and helps to regulate your body temperature effectively. A 100% pure cotton undershirt is ideal under such circumstances. Cotton undershirts tend to be very lightweight which is great news for the weight of your suitcase, as well as the fact that they feel soft against your skin. If needed, you could always wash your cotton undershirt in your hotel room and then allow it to dry overnight.

So, how many undershirts do you actually need for your trip away? This depends on various factors such as the number of days you will be away, whether or not you will be able to laundry at some point and the color shirts you will be wearing.

We recommend going with a specific color scheme for your trip. Although this may sound rather complicated, it makes a lot of sense as it affects the number of undershirts you will need. For instance, if your color scheme is very dark shirts, you will only need to pack white undershirts (which won’t be visible over the shirt). On the contrary, if you prefer light-colored shirts, you will need heather gray or flesh colored undershirts. It is not recommended that you “mix and match” your color scheme as this will increase the number of undershirts you’ll need to pack.

If you will be going on a weekend trip (1 to 3 days), you can get away with not doing any laundry. This means that you will have to pack an undershirt for each day that you are away and more if you like to sleep in your undershirt. An easy formula to use to determine the number of undershirts you’ll need is: A (number of days) x B (number of undershirts you like to wear per day).

Oftentimes, you will be on a week-long trip with no access to any laundry facilities. If this is the case, you could use the formula above to determine how many undershirts you will need to pack.

Knowing that you’ll be able to laundry at some point during your trip is a great relief because it means that you can pack less. This could mean the difference between a convenient cabin bag or a larger and less convenient checked bag. Bear in mind, that if you bring a little laundry soap, you could always wash your undershirts by hand in your hotel room (although this is not nearly as good as washing them in an actual washing machine).

A simple way of determine the number of undershirts you will need if you know you can do laundry during your trip is: A (number of days before you can do laundry) x B (number of undershirts you like to wear per day). Of course, the more often you can do laundry, the better and less you will have to pack!

After reading the above points, you may realize that you do not have enough undershirts for your trip. If this is the case, now may be the perfect time to invest in some good quality, pure cotton undershirts that do not come in those cheap but poor quality 6-packs! Buying a few top-notch undershirts that won’t fall apart after a few washes, is definitely a great investment as you will feel better wearing your clothing and look great, as well!

Image by cytis from Pixabay

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