Should you wear an undershirt under a polo shirt?


The polo shirt is the ultimate in men’s smart-casual attire and every guy should have one in his wardrobe.

Wearing an undershirt under your polo shirt is an absolute must for many reasons and this article will discuss the benefits of this.

A polo shirt is normally worn during the warmer months, and often outdoors. In such cases, you may find that you begin to sweat and the resulting, unsightly perspiration marks on your polo shirt can be really embarrassing, to say the least! However, if you are wearing an undershirt , this would not be such an issue as the undershirt provides an extra layer of much needed protection so that it absorbs the perspiration and prevents your polo shirt from getting wet.

On the contrary, if you are one of those guys who always seem to feel cold, an additional layer in the form of an undershirt can help to keep the cold at bay without feeling uncomfortable. We recommend wearing a 100% pure cotton undershirt that hugs your body closely as this will feel cozy but not restrictive.

It is not uncommon for guys to have a lot of chest hair. This can be a good or a bad thing! When wearing a polo shirt, you definitely do not want your excess chest hair from peeping out over the polo shirt. This can be easily remedied by wearing a crew neck undershirt that will hide your chest hair. If you like leaving one or two buttons undone, it would be better to wear a v-neck neck undershirt instead as this will not make your undershirt visible under your polo shirt.

Finally, it is a given that you should always wear deodorant but this can result in annoying deodorant stains on your expensive polo shirt. It doesn’t have to be this way and an undershirt will take the brunt!

Image by Ranjat M from Pixabay

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