Top 10 Elements of a Great Undershirt


Are you fed up with wasting your money on clothing, only to discover that the quality and fit leaves much to be desired? This can be extremely frustrating, especially when it comes to undershirts as these garments sit close to the body and can affect the way you feel and move around.

Undershirts are a vital element to being well-dressed but unfortunately many men (even the most well-dressed men) overlook this important step.

Here are the top elements that make a great undershirt

  1. Correct length sleeves.

    Your undershirt's sleeve length is very important because as this can create discomfort in your underarm area if they are too short. Look for sleeves that are slightly longer as these won't bunch up in your armpits while you are wearing them. There is nothing worse than constantly having to adjust your undershirt's sleeves while you are meant to be doing other, more important things!

  2. Good quality fabric.

    Undershirts made out of inexpensive, synthetic fabrics not only look cheap but are also not optimal when it comes to comfort. You can usually tell if the fabric is not of a good quality by the way in which it feels against your skin. Selecting an undershirt that has been made from 100% pure cotton is your best bet as it is breathable and will keep you cool in hot weather and warmer when it is cold. 100% cotton also feels great against your skin as it is soft and molds to the shape of your body. Simply, put pure cotton looks and feels much better than other fabrics!

  3. Length.

    Don't you just hate it when your undershirt is constantly being pulled out of your pants because it is too short. This can be extremely irritating, not to mention look untidy! Wearing an undershirt that is a little longer is much better as it will stay tucked in the whole day and you will look much neater. Longer length undershirts are also an indication of a better fit and quality.

  4. Perfect fit.

    The perfect size undershirt can sometimes be tricky to find. Often, you will only have a handful of sizes to choose from and it is difficult to tell which will be the right size for you only by looking at the shirt. Always be sure to try the undershirt on beforehand to assess its true size on your body. If you decide upon a good quality make (such as one from Manshirt), you will have an undershirt that comfortably hugs your body, showing off its contours and muscles. After all, no one likes an undershirt that is too baggy or too uncomfortably tight in the wrong places. Even though your undershirt cannot be seen when you wear it, it forms an excellent foundation for the way in which the rest of your clothes fit.

  5. Hidden.

    Your undershirt has that name for a reason: it should be worn UNDERneath your clothing and should be hidden and not seen by others. Undershirts that peep out from under your clothing give you a messy and uncared for appearance. Look for an undershirt that is the right cut and fit and it will not be visible to anyone else.

  6. Choose your ideal neckline.

    The neckline of your undershirt is quite important, especially if you will not be wearing a tie with your shirt. In this case, a v-neck shape would be best for you as it is not too high of a neckline and will remain well-hidden below your collar. Rounded collars or crew necks are a great option if it is winter and you will be wearing several layers over the undershirt.

  7. Undershirt color.

    You may be wondering what color has to do with anything since you will be wearing your undershirt underneath your clothing. Well, color actually plays a very important role since the wrong color can easily be visible beneath your shirt. A white undershirt worn with a white shirt will be seen. A better color option for an undershirt worn with a white shirt is a heather grey or cream color. White, however, is perfect when worn with a darker top. Your skin tone should also be a consideration when choosing an undershirt. Darker skin tones generally do much better with black or grey undershirts while lighter-skinned men can get away with white undershirts , provided that they are not wearing a white shirt over it.

  8. Undershirt features.

    Undershirts have been specially made to be worn under your clothing, which is why a t-shirt is usually not suitable for this purpose. If money is tight, many men choose to wear a t-shirt as an undershirt but this is not ideal and it is well worth investing in a good quality undershirt . Your undershirt is usually made from fabric that is much thinner than that of a t-shirt. While a t-shirt may provide you with more warmth on a very cold day, it will look untidy. Worn as a thinner layer beneath your clothing, an undershirt serves as a lightweight garment that has a seamless appearance.

  9. Sweat absorption.

    Many men suffer from excess sweat production and, even you do not, wearing an undershirt that has sleeves can help a great deal with this. Sleeveless undershirts do not absorb any sweat and stains would then be seen on your shirt as stains.

  10. Skin protection.

    If your undershirt is too uncomfortable and has been made out of synthetic fibers, you may experience chafing. 100% pure cotton is much softer against the skin and acts as a shield, protecting the sensitive nipple area from irritation and chafing when you move around.

If you keep the above points in mind when selecting your undershirt , you will be well on your way to being able to dress to impress! Once you understand the ins and outs of choosing the right undershirt for your needs, you will feel much better about the way you look and feel.

Image Credit: unsplash-logo Tyler Nix

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