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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Wear an Undershirt

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If you are a modern guy who is interested in dressing better and more elegantly, you may be wondering if you should wear an undershirt or not.

The majority of men’s stylists and experts would recommend wearing a good quality undershirt and there are several reasons for this. Although you can find an undershirt in almost any store that sells men’s clothing, fashion experts recommend paying close attention to what you buy and to opt for 100% pure cotton undershirts, if possible.

Many men wear undershirts only in winter as they find that an undershirt is often visible when they wear a summer, open-weave shirt, regardless of the undershirt color. This is, of course, an entirely personal choice.

In days gone by, men did not traditionally wear an undershirt (or any kind of garment underneath their outer shirt). Eventually, folks began to discover that the wearing of an undershirt can play an important role in preventing a lot of the friction and feeling of constriction when wearing several layers of clothing.

Today, when in need of an additional layer of clothing in the colder months, most men opt for an undershirt instead of a t-shirt as it is much more comfortable.

Some guys are adamant that an undershirt is an important element to daily hygiene as it protects your regular shirts. On the other hand, there are some who feel that if you shower every day and wash your shirts after you have worn them, you should not have a problem in this regard.

Whether you are looking to prolong the life of your shirts or you are pondering about the effectiveness of the undershirt, this article will discuss why you should definitely consider making an undershirt a part of your daily wardrobe!

  1. Great for your skin. Not every guy suffers from dry and irritated skin. However, if you are one of these men, a 100% pure cotton undershirt can help a lot with this issue in that it will prevent your outer layer from chafing your skin and causing irritation. If you do not suffer from skin problems, an undershirt can still help you, especially if you plan to wear a shirt that is made out of stiff material. In this case, a crew neck undershirt is perfect and it will not be visible to others.
  2. Prevents unsightly deodorant stains. You pay a lot for your clothes so why not make them last? As surprising as this may sound, wearing an undershirt that is a great, tailored fit can actually help your shirts to last longer! This is because they help to prevent those horrible-looking deodorant stains. Of course, you could always try and remove these stains but this is not always convenient or practical. An undershirt that gives you a soft, stretchy finish for all-day comfort will absorb any excess deodorant, thereby protecting your shirts.
  3. Minimizes sweat stains. Do you sweat a lot? Many men sweat profusely, especially in hot conditions where sweat stains become apparent even on your jacket. Even if you don’t sweat much, you just never know when you will be in a situation that will cause you to perspire excessively. Sometimes we have to attend a meeting in a too-warm room and sometimes we are forced to go on a walk in hot weather. Take matters into your own hands by minimizing sweat stains on your shirt which can be really embarrassing. Wearing an undershirt that is great quality, comfortable and has been designed for the active and on-the-go guy will help you to minimize deodorant and sweat stains on your shirts. If you often wear dry clean only shirts, an undershirt can also help to keep them cleaner for longer.
  4. Helps to keep you warm. Whether you prefer a v-neck or a crew neck undershirt, wearing an undershirt provides an additional layer of warmth during the colder months or if you are one of those guys who often feels cold. Try and find an undershirt that has a longer length so that you can avoid having to constantly tuck and re-tuck. One with longer sleeves is also a great idea as this avoids annoying bunching in your armholes.
  5. Prevents chest hair from being visible to others. We’ve all been there- you think you’ve picked out the most amazing outfit only to realize that your chest hair can been seen by all those who approach you. Don’t be this guy and, instead, opt for a comfortable cotton undershirt which will keep all that unsightly chest hair inside.
  6. A tailored-fit undershirt will not be visible to others. Many men are reluctant to wear an undershirt as they are afraid that it will show underneath their shirt. Depending on the color of undershirt you choose to wear, it could go both ways. For example, a beige-colored undershirt cannot be seen when worn with a white shirt. If you choose an undershirt according to your skin tone, this too prevent it from being seen under your shirt. We recommend always selecting a well-cut undershirt as this will not be visible around the collar region, even if you undo the tope two buttons of your shirt.

If the above 6 reasons are not enough to convince you to invest in some high quality undershirts, then we don’t know what will!

When shopping for an undershirt, you should keep in mind that they come in all shapes, colors and sizes. From a heather-gray v-neck to a black crew neck, the immense selection can feel overwhelming. Don’t become taken in by fancy packaging or false claims: look at the label and fabric type. If necessary, get a few recommendations from friends but don’t buy the first undershirt that you see!

At the end of the day, wearing an undershirt will bring you great comfort and will look good with whatever you choose to wear. You will also have peace of mind that if you do sweat during the day, any stains will be minimized!

So, do you normally wear an undershirt? If so, what is your favorite style and color and do you wear an undershirt all year long? We would love to hear from you on what you consider the do’s and don’ts of undershirt wearing!

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