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What’s the best slimming undershirt?

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Short of hitting the gym and working hard to lose those extra pounds we always put on over the holidays, your next best friend is likely a slimming undershirt.

A decent slimming undershirt can help mask the additional pounds and help your clothes from fitting too tight while you’re working to slim back down to your fighting weight. 

Compression undershirts will do a pretty good job in “shifting” your flab.

However, the more flab you have, the more “sausage effect” you will, no doubt, experience.

Truth be told, anytime you wear any type of garment with large amounts of elasticity in it, you’re going to get a little of the “sausage effect”.

This holds true with nearly all the shaping undershirts I have tried…

If you’re loose around the midsection, that [fat] has got to go somewhere.

This usually results in that sausage-like feeling.

There are undershirts that smooth you out without resorting to mens shapewear. 

The Manshirt is made of soft, stretchy cotton that reforms itself over your arms and torso like a second skin. 

Not only is this undershirt really comfortable, it also has a very noticeable slimming effect. 

It may be hard to believe that an undershirt can give you an extra boost of confidence, but this is not your typical shirt…

Skip the spandex. You will look better and enjoy being comfortable in your clothes when you’re wearing a Manshirt. 

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