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What’s The Connection Between Artificial Fabrics And Body Odor?

The undershirt provides a defensive layer between your body and your more expensive clothing. Not only do they prevent embarrassing sweat marks and body odor from seeping through to your dress shirt, but they also absorb your sweat and provide an added level of comfort.

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You might notice some clothes in your wardrobe are more prone to smelling than others. Inspecting the tag on these textiles will undoubtedly reveal artificial (or synthetic) fabrics.

But with buzzwords like ‘sweat-wicking’ or ‘ultra-breathable,’ you would assume these fabrics can combat sweat and odor. So why isn’t your clothing doing the job?

Artificial fabrics intensify the smell of body odor due to their synthetic, non-natural material and construction. It’s nearly impossible to prevent odor from flourishing on these fabrics or remove it with washing.


  • Nylon
  • Polyester and Polyester Fleece
  • Spandex
  • Acrylic
  • Olefin
  • Microfiber
  • Neoprene
  • Vinylon
  • Synthetic fur, suede and leather

Other branded synthetic fabrics you may recognize: Gore-Tex, Lycra, Polartec, Dri-FIT and CoolMax.


Natural fabrics or blends should be your go-to if you have concerns about body odor. Unlike synthetic fabrics, natural fibers are absorbent, meaning they won’t leave behind the oily residue that causes body odor to permeate clothing.


Cotton is a trustworthy fabric known for its softness and breathability. It also ranks high on the list for odor prevention.

Cotton is highly absorbent and will not leave the concentrated oily sweat on your clothes the way synthetics do. Plus, cotton can stand up to heavy washing in hot water.

Our 100% Premium Cotton Manshirt is soft, comfortable and breathable. Synthetic fabrics try to imitate cotton with “moisture-wicking” properties, but nothing can absorb moisture like the real thing. 

Give the Manshirt a try and we guarantee your skin will feel the difference. It’s a game-changer. The Manshirt is the only 100% cotton undershirt you’ll never have to adjust. Ever.

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