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Why you should wear an undershirt under a dress shirt

There is always an ongoing debate as to whether or not a guy should wear an undershirt under a smart dress shirt. If you speak to a fashion industry expert or someone who always dresses very well, the consensus is invariably yes, you need to wear an undershirt, especially if you are wearing a dress shirt!

There are many reasons for this and this article will discuss these. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you need to wear an undershirt beneath your dress shirt.

When you wear a dress shirt, you want your overall look to be as good as possible. There is nothing worse than dressing up smartly, only to break out in a sweat and for your sweat stains to be visible on your expensive dress shirt! This can be embarrassing as well as decreasing the life span of your dress shirt. When you wear an undershirt, you are creating a thin barrier between your skin and the dress shirt and any sweat will be absorbed into the undershirt. Wearing an undershirt beneath your dress shirt means that you can enjoy whatever it is you are doing with confidence and style.

Dress shirts can be terribly expensive and if you have shelled out money to buy a dress shirt, the last thing you want is for it to be ruined in a short space of time. Whether you wear a crew neck or v-neck undershirt, it will help to prolong the life of your dress shirt by acting as a shield. With an undershirt, you can get away with washing your dress shirt as often and thereby extend its life.

Anyone who has ever worn a dress shirt will know that the fabric can be stiff, coarse and feel uncomfortable to wear. This can cause friction between the shirt and your skin, sometimes resulting in skin irritation. When you wear a good quality undershirt (such as those made by Manshirt) that is made with 100% pure cotton, this feels soft and stretchy against your skin and will prevent skin issues.

Every man likes to feel comfortable in what he is wearing and an undershirt can certainly help with this. Try and select an undershirt that has sleeves that are a little longer so that they do not bunch up under your arms where it feels uncomfortable. An undershirt that has been cut a little longer than other brands is also an excellent choice as your undershirt will then remain tucked in all day long.

Most guys have experienced wearing a shirt that does not enhance their body, but detracts from it. We all have natural flaws (such as excess body hair, protruding nipples or man boobs). If you are not keen on the world noticing these flaws when you are wearing a dress shirt, wear an undershirt to hide them! An undershirt will conceal body hair and have a light compressing action that can mask nipples or man boobs.

Of course, sometimes you want to look as good as possible in a dress shirt and, instead of hiding your body, you want to enhance it. This is great if you have a muscular chest! In this case, an undershirt that has been cut to hug your body will make your muscles look amazing and your overall shape and form will look incredible under your dress shirt.

Some men feel that a t-shirt does just a good a job as an undershirt does. Don’t fall into this trap! Because a t-shirt tends to be heavier, baggier and more noticeable under a dress shirt, it can look and feel unattractive and uncomfortable. A good quality undershirt is a much better option as it is made of lightweight material and is breathable.

Do you often wear white or pale-colored dress shirt? If so, you might be of the opinion that it is not wise to wear an undershirt as the white fabric is visible over your dress shirt. This is where most guys are wrong! Fashion experts recommend wearing a crew neck undershirt that has a grey or tan color, or one that is close to your natural skin color as possible. If you do this, it is guaranteed that your undershirt will not be seen over your dress shirt and you can enjoy all the comfort that an undershirt brings.

A crew neck undershirt is a good choice to make when you leave your buttons done all the way up or you are wearing a tie.

Dark colored dress shirts pair very well with white undershirts as no one will be able to see that you are wearing one. If you like to leave one or two buttons undone or you will not be wearing a tie, a v-neck undershirt is a great option.

With a long-sleeved dress shirt, you need not worry about the sleeve length of your undershirt. However, if you regularly wear a short-sleeved shirt, you may want to check if your undershirt sleeves can be seen.

At the end of the day, wearing an undershirt under a dress shirt is a highly personal choice but many men feel that it just makes a lot of sense to wear one.

As long as you select premium quality shirts that are not sold in cheap 6-packs, you should be well on your way to looking smart, attractive and comfortable in your dress shirt!

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